HD Radio: Alternatives

FMeXtra alternative
"Road-Testing the FMeXtra"

"In summary, FMeXtra is an economical and quick way for an FM station to add additional programming channels and to begin digital broadcasting. The system, which caught the attention of many attendees, requires the purchase of an $8,900 encoder that can be installed in less than an hour’s time, on average. There are no licensing fees to use the FMeXtra system."

"FMeXtra: Another On-Channel Solution"

"Early on, we saw that IBOC was going nowhere as long as there were multiple proponents, and even in the best estimates, it would be many years before there would be any return on investment. So we decided to license our patent portfolio for use in IBOC to USA Digital Radio, which eventually merged with Lucent’s IBOC group to form Ibiquity. We are an Ibiquity shareholder... There is no significant difference in spectrum occupancy between the 'extended hybrid' mode of IBOC today and these earlier systems, which were deemed by the NRSC and others to be incompatible with the host analog FM signal."

SCA radio alternative
"SCA Radio"

"When FM is broadcast, there is more bandwidth available than is necessary. Stereo usually uses the frequencies between 19 to 53 kHz, leaving the frequencies from 53 to 100 kHz for programming. This special programming can consist of anything, but it usually takes the form of readings for the blind, multicultural radio, or other things like that. To take advantage of these broadcasts, you need a special radio receiver."

"AM Stereo"

"AM Stereo is still in use today all over the world. It's been discovered that many HD-Radios available now also decode C-quam AM Stereo!"