HD Radio: NPR

NPR HD Radio Screws Taxpayers
"HD Radio Scam"

"Nothing has hastened the isolating of the public from 'public radio' quicker than the onset of the HD Radio media blitz. Hundreds of public stations have bought into the scam, palmed off in the main by the unholy alliance of NPR and iBiquity (aka. iNiquity)... Which raises the question, Why is NPR even in bed with a monopoly like iBiquity? Isn’t this in some way inimical to the very idea of 'public' radio?.. And this doesn’t even begin to address the question of interference with other adjacent radio signals, the degradation of the station’s analog signal, or the spotty reception of existing HD receivers pawned off on car buyers today. There’s much more to say about HD Radio, NPR, iBiquity, and the massive fraud being perpetrated against the taxpayers and consumers of this country."

"Slow Growth for HD Radio"

"Public Radio enthusiastically embraced HD Radio technology from the outset, but has taken note of the slow uptake by listeners — NPR quietly ended distribution of its three dedicated HD Radio streams on Oct. 1, 2012... The CPB grant program, which ended last year, awarded $60 million in grants to convert 680 Public Radio transmitters, according to Bruce Theriault, Senior V.P. of Public Radio. CPB also paid a group license fee to iBiquity for Public Radio stations to adopt its technology. In its later years, the conversion fund provided assistance for equipment upgrades that allowed some stations to increase the power of their HD Radio transmitters. Wisconsin Public Radio is among the beneficiaries of CPB’s grant program. It operates 33 stations to provide statewide Public Radio coverage and completed conversion of half of its transmitters last year, according to Mike Crane, director. At the time the massive technical project was initiated, it was regarded as a strategic move to prepare the state network for a digital future. But, so far the return on investment has been hard to measure."

NPR Bait and Switch
"Classical music on hold? Dial up disgust"

"Since the switch that wasn't, some 2,000 calls and e-mails have poured in, many very unhappy in tone. Suggestions that listeners get their classical fix at WUSF 89.7-2 on HD radio or online at wsmr.org do not always placate."

"WUFT-FM officially makes switch to talk radio"

"In subsequent weeks, classical fans protested in letters, through an online petition drive and at meetings in a local home. There are a lot of upset and disappointed people, said Gainesville resident Sue Yelton, an organizer of those efforts. Yelton and others said they refuse to buy HD radios to continue to hear classical."