HD Radio: Traffic

Smartphones kill HD Radio!
"Garmin, TomTom in Trouble From Smartphone Add-Ons"

"We have been observing personal navigation device makers for some time now and one has to admit that they are coming under increasing pressure. The portable navigation market includes arch rivals Garmin and TomTom, as well as other smaller players, such MiTAC Digital and Navigon. Since navigation products are given to commoditization, there has always been significant pressure on prices. However, the more immediate threat is Google, which intends to add free turn-by-turn directions to the Google Maps app for smartphones using its Android operating system."

Navteq HD Radio sucks
"Navteq Traffic on Garmin Devices Using HD Radio"

"The state of morning gridlock just got a little more real with the introduction of Navteq's real-time traffic via HD Radio -- to be included with Garmin's NĂ¼vi 3490LMT personal navigation device."

"Nokia To Chop 1,300 People From Its Navteq Division"

"But reducing operations in mapping and commerce—divisions that include not only the Navteq mapping business, but location-based services, social media services and mobile commerce operations—raises questions about how well it will be able to differentiate those future products from the many others that will be made on the same platform."

MSN Direct dumps HD Radio!
"Clear Channel Partners With MSN For HD Data"

"Clear Channel Radio and Microsoft Corp. announced on Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2007 that they have partnered to build a nationwide data delivery service using HD Radio technology, providing personalized and localized content to a variety of HD Radio receivers. This initiative will be branded MSN Direct HD, an extension of Microsoft's existing MSN Direct service, which currently transmits information including traffic, weather, movie times, sports, and stocks to Smart Watches, weather stations, GPS navigation devices and small home appliances."

"Microsoft Will Shut Down MSN Direct"

"Citing reduced demand and a proliferation of other data technologies, Microsoft will discontinue its MSN Direct datacasting service at the end of 2011. MSN Direct provides location-based services — traffic reports, weather, gas prices, stock quotes — to navigation systems via FM subcarrier signals. After Jan. 1, 2012, navigation devices supporting MSN Direct will continue to be operational as navigation devices but will no longer receive MSN Direct services such as traffic, weather, fuel prices, it stated."