HD Radio: Lawsuits!

HD Radio lawsuit!
"Possible Settlement in HD Patent Suit?"

"The latest court documents give a brief glimpse inside the lawsuit between what some describe as a so-called patent troll and the radio broadcast groups. The documents reflect the willingness of the parties to discuss a settlement while delaying the date broadcasters are required to reply to the lawsuit filed in federal court. The reason for the request is to allow parties additional time to discuss settlement, according to a letter filed with U.S. District Court in Delaware in early February and agreed to by both sides. The request was accepted by the court; that now delays broadcaster responses until April 25. Originally, the responses were due Monday, Feb. 24."

"Patent Infringement Suit Filed Over HD Radio"

"In November of this year, Wyncomm LLC and Delaware Radio Technologies sued Chrysler Group LLC, Fuji Heavy Industries, Porsche Cars North America, and dozens of American broadcasting companies, including CBS and Univision, alleging patent infringement. According to civil action no. 1:13-cv-01947-UNA, the main allegation against the automobile companies is the making of, use of, importing of, selling of and/or offering for sale automobiles equipped to receive HD Radio broadcasts. According to civil action no. 1:13-cv-01814-UNA, the main allegation against the broadcasting companies is patent infringement using HD radio transmission, when Delaware Radio holds exclusive license to use such technology. Since 1996 Wyncomm has been the patent holder of 'Side-Channel Communications in Simultaneous Voice and Data Transmission-Patent 866' and Delaware Radio has been the exclusive licensee of the 866 patent in the field of HD Radio and has exclusive right to assert all causes of action arising under said patent in the field of HD Radio. Wyncomm is listed as a party in 113 cases filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware."

HD Radio lawsuit!
"IBiquity, Continental Fight Over Licensing"

"IBiquity is saying Continental’s claims of patent exhaustion and patent misuse are not proper claims, but, rather, are defenses to a hypothetical patent infringement suit. The auto parts maker’s claim, notes, iBiquity, leaves out the fact that more than a month before Continental filed its complaint, iBiquity filed a breach of contract suit in Maryland against the manufacturer."

HD Radio patent troll!
"Leahy Pulls Patent Reform Bill"

"Saying that after a year after negotiations between both sides with no agreement, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy pulled his patent reform bill from the markup agenda on Wednesday. The issue is of importance to radio, with patent trolls filing IP infringement lawsuits against podcasters, and broadcasters who use music storage and automation as well as HD Radio technology."