HD Radio: IPO

HD Radio Struble Fraudulent IPO
"iBiquity Digital Corporation"

March 2001 - "If rollout targets are met, three years from product launch should find a roughly 10% digital broadcast penetration in terms of the share of radios able to receive digital broadcasts. By 2012, that share is projected to rise to 70%. Ultimately, iBiquity will likely offer an attractive equity option in itself, with the most likely ultimate liquidity event being an IPO."

"Robert Struble Channels Lee DeForest"

"iBiquity's President and CEO, Robert Struble, has taken to tweeting. In early September, he revealed he'd taken the train to Wall Street to float the notion of taking iBiquity public: 'Good NYC trip. Wall St way more upbeat than recently. IPO pipeline better, but most think [stock market] rally was too fast'... In the early 20th century, Lee DeForest, inventor of the audion tube spent a portion of his early career engaged with unscrupulous businessmen in the practice of 'pumping and dumping' stock in radio companies featuring his invention... One might say the same about Bob Struble and iBiquity. Given the wobbly future of the HD Radio protocol, it is not far-fetched to see a historical parallel between Struble and DeForest."

"HD Radio 'has reached critical mass' says iBiquity"

"iBiquity is continuing to try to pump hope into the survival of HD Radio, recently announcing that new aftermarket and auto manufacturers are offering the medium. But it's comments made by iBiquity COO Jeff Jury that really makes me wonder if the company is just hell-bent on persistent propaganda, or actually believes their own hype."

"Consumers, Wall Street not buying HD"

"Admit it. You’ve secretly wondered why the radio industry has invested so much in HD Radio. You’ve secretly wondered what the big payoff is. Here’s some advice if you still have a job in radio: keep it secret and don’t wonder out loud. In fact, you probably want to be seen gulping as much HD Kool-Aid as you possibly can, lest your name appear on one of those increasingly numerous slips that are coloring the halls of radio stations in Pepto-Bismol pink."